mercredi 12 mai 2010

Whitney and Lauren on their first day of work at Teen Vogue

On their first day at Teen Vogue, Whitney and Lauren get to meet with Lisa Love to talk about their internship. They both come in rocking lovely outfits : Lauren is wearing a shiny nude dress (which is emboirdered with sequins and pearls) and Whitney paired her simple cream dress with cowboy boots and some awesome jewelry. But this isn't "Teen Vogue" enough for fashion editor Olivia who help them style a perfect outfit to meet Lisa. She says Whitney's outfit's a bit too country and "matchy matchy" so tells her to put on a beige belt, and gives LC a jean jacket.
Will be posting more screencaps from this episode tomorow.
(screencaps by me, taken from episode1 s1 of The Hills on

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